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Osmosis is a decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain that people can use to create liquidity and trade IBC enabled tokens. The Osmosis blockchain is made up of free, public, and open-source software.

Learn about the Osmosis ecosystem, meet others, and become an active voice in the space. Open-sourced code; open for decentralized contributions and discussions. Latest updates on innovations, features, and community highlights.

Osmosis is an automated market maker (AMM) built with the Cosmos SDK; it specializes in the InterchainDeFi movement (Tendermint-based blockchains) in the Cosmos ecosystem. In other words, Osmosis is a decentralized exchange specifically built for Cosmos, with plans to expand to more blockchains.

Osmosis is a proof-of-stake (PoS), Layer-1 blockchain built with Cosmos SDK with the primary goal to optimise its design for a sandbox for Automated Market Makers (AMMs.) The blockchain is ideal because it allows developers to design and create customised AMMs, using different leveraging Osmosis's blockchain governance system and modules.

One exciting development in DeFi is the possibility to access new Cosmos Network DeFi platforms. You can access them straight from Coinbase. To do this we will require ownership of ATOM (can buy on Coinbase) a Keplr wallet extension for Brave and we will connect to https://osmosis.zone in order to earn OSMO governance tokens.

The live Osmosis price today is $3.51 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $51,744,603 USD. We update our OSMO to USD price in real-time. Osmosis is down 3.96% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #213, with a live market cap of $991,062,669 USD.

Osmosis works as its automated market maker. It makes sure that the buy and sell orders can execute as quickly as possible. Also, the Osmosis platform uses the OSMO token for governance and payment for transaction fees. Holding OSMO coins let you vote on changes to the Osmosis network.

Osmosis is a decentralized protocol founded by Osmosis Labs founders Sunny Aggarwal and Josh Lee. Upon raising $21 million in an October 2021 token sale, Osmosis has generated a loyal core of users and established itself as a core feature within the Cosmos ecosystem. The Osmosis home page

Cosmos Blockchain, despite being ignored, is home to many promising Blockchain projects. There is also a Cosmos Hub based DEFI platform there called Osmosis which is an Atomatic Market Maker (AMM) platform, where one can swap tokens of popular projects that are built inside the Cosmos Blockchain - AKT, ION, DVPN, IRIS, XPRT, CRO and Regan.

Osmosis is an advanced AMM protocol built using the Cosmos SDK that will allow developers to design, build, and deploy their own customized AMMs. Heterogeneity and sovereignty are two core tenets...

Armanddo shares his crypto research on the DeFi project Osmosis (OSMO) currently running on Cosmos. Armanddo goes in depth into Osmosis as whole, looks into the different options of making money on...

Osmosis is currently the most popular DEX in the Cosmos ecosystem. They also brought in Ethereum ERC-20 tokens to join the party. This cements their top position even more. With even more blockchains that are in the cards. Fast and cheap transactions are part of the Cosmos ecosystem. Osmosis is guilty by association and runs with it.

The cryptocurrency trend isn't letting up it seems as more countries and companies adopt the digital asset. That's unsurprising since its features have gone a long way since Bitcoin. Now, we are much closer to realizing a new financial system for the world. We will focus on one of the promising projects that will make ā€¦

Osmosis vs Crypto.com DeFi Wallet Crypto.com DeFi Wallet šŸŒ I have been reading about the LPs on Osmosis, and the risks of impermanent losses if one coin of the pair tanks, for example, but those APRs look sweet! Currently, CRO/OSMO and ATOM/CRO have APR 99.13% and 68.21%, respectively. What are your thoughts?

How Osmosis Is Trying to Improve the Crypto User Experience. In this episode of Unchained Podcast, host Laura Shin, sits down with Sunny Aggarwal, co-founder of Osmosis Labs, talks about how Osmosis is being built, the innovations that are coming, the reasons to use app chains, and much more. Uploaded on May 31, 2022.

After you've transferred your assets onto the Osmosis blockchain, you can now use the Osmosis DEX to swap your crypto for OSMO. To do this, you must navigate to the 'trade' section of the Osmosis interface and select the token you wish to exchange for OSMO. It's recommended to trade using ATOM since it's easy to obtain and holds the largest ...

Inconvenient Truth. A lot of you just want Osmosis to stay as your farm token for your biggest bags at the detriment of the platform's growth and future. That is why shitcoins like Neta/Cerberus/ Huahua get incentivized. As their price tank forever because they don't have any purpose, they just keep bringing Osmo price down perpetually.

The value locked in Terra today is $26.14 billion or 12.52% of the $208 billion locked in defi on April 12. Anchor is the largest defi protocol on Terra with $14.38 billion locked and Lido is the second-largest defi protocol with $7 billion locked.

Compare the Top Crypto Wallets that integrate with Osmosis of 2022. This a list of Crypto Wallets that integrate with Osmosis. Use the filters on the left to add additional filters for products that have integrations with Osmosis. View the products that work with Osmosis in the table below.

Osmosis also had a fantastic week where DeFi Total Value locked is considered. Thanks to a 32.18% TVL increase, the project is establishing itself among the top contenders. Osmosis has over $1.13 billion in Total Value Locked today, confirming the project's strong growth. In late July 2021, Osmosis represented a TVl of under $97,000.

My DeFi experience #2: Osmosis Zone on Cosmos. Osmosis is an advanced AMM protocol built using Cosmos SDK that allows developers to design and release their own custom AMM. This Dex is very similar to the Dex we know, but it has a few small differences. First of all, to discourage short-term farming and the consequent volatility of LPs, Osmosis ...

Osmosis has been rapidly growing since it launched in June 2021. The interchain DEX broke $100 million in daily trade volume in January 2022 and recently saw its liquidity ATH-reaching $1.61 billion in total value locked (TVL) on February 27. Osmosis TVL chart (DeFi Llama) Posted In: Cosmos, DeFi, DEXs

Guide to Osmosis. Osmosis is a proof of stake (PoS) blockchain with a decentralized exchange application enabling users to provide liquidity, swap, and in the future natively stake the tokens of blockchains from across the Cosmos ecosystem. Osmosis serves as an automated market maker (AMM) that connects to other Tendermintā€based blockchains ...

OSMO Price Today. Osmosis price today is $1.21 with a 24-hour trading volume of $16,996,995. OSMO price is down -3.3% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 390 Million OSMO coins and a total supply of 325 Million. If you are looking to buy or sell Osmosis, Osmosis is currently the most active exchange.

The total value locked (TVL) on decentralized exchange (DEX) Osmosis, which is part of the Cosmos (ATOM) ecosystem, surpassed $1 billion today, according to decentralized finance metrics platform DeFi Llama. This comes as a result of rapid growth the DEX has been seeing over the past seven days.

This Week in DeFi - October 29 To the DeFi community, This week, Osmosis DEX announced a $21 million fundraise, led by Paradigm. Funds will support development of the Osmosis protocol on Cosmos, where the Osmosis DEX allows users to trade without being impacted by MEV and provides greater flexibility for developers to innovate with DeFi.

As a decentralized exchange, Osmosis has become particularly popular in the DeFi for its various liquidity pools, with advertised APRs between 20% and 120% for IBC-compatible pairings like ATOM/COSMO, AKT/OSMO, and so on.. CoinCentral spoke with Osmosis Founder Sunny Aggarwal about building in the Cosmos ecosystem, DEX features Osmosis is tinkering at, the value proposition for liquidity ...

Harmony, an Ethereum-compatible Layer 1 chain, has also surged amid market uncertainty. The network's ONE token has gained 15% on the day, breaking past the psychological barrier of $0.30. ONE is currently trading at $0.316, just $0.06 off its all-time high. DeFi Kingdoms, a gamified play-to-earn DeFi app built on Harmony, has soared over ...

Vision for Osmosis. Osmosis: A Hub AMM. Airdrop page - check if you are receiving it and an estimated amount. Twitter account. Discord. Thanks for following along, stay tuned for more over the coming days looking at lots of different aspects to the "Cosmos based DeFi" explosion that is about to occur.

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